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Understanding complex protein interactions, especially those of antibodies, is crucial in elucidating disease mechanisms for developing both diagnostic methods and therapies.

The FOx instrument allows you to transfer your most advanced characterization tools to your development lab. It is simple-to-use and requires minimal sample preparation which, combined with a fast response time and automation, makes it a flexible and reliable solution for life science research and bioprocess monitoring.

  • Rank affinities of proteins, antibodies, antigens, nanobodies, biomarkers, receptors and ligands, all label free.
  • Measure bioreceptor-target binding kinetics, affinity (kD) and on & off rates (kon, koff).
  • Test your bioassay in the relevant physiological matrix without sample purification

Case study: Potency assay

Finding the optimal antibody for binding an antigen requires fast screening of antibody libraries to identify those with optimal affinity calculated from the on and off rates. Capturing the antibodies on the probe allows antibodies to be tested against all of the antigen’s possible binding sites.

Label-free kinetic screening of IgG and antigen binding. FO-SPR can detect the various stages of antibody-antigen association and dissociation in real time.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.