The White FOx technology applies the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing principle, with our own unique twist.

The White FOx instrument is a robust, low-maintenance, easy-to-use benchtop device for quantification, affinity and binding interaction studies between biomolecules.

Simply load a probe rack and your sample in a plate or PCR tubes to run a hands-off, automated protocol.

  • New protocols are easily defined, changed, and stored for re-use.
  • Open data format allows analysis with any standard data handling software.
  • The probes can be switched easily, allowing the detection of different target molecules with a single device.

What’s more, the fiber-optic probe setup allows a fluidics-free dip-in protocol for the analysis of specific biomolecule binding in complex samples such as lysates, whole blood or large particles.

No clogging, no cleaning.

‘Our expertise now allows us to efficiently transfer an ELISA to the White FOx.
An optimised FOx assay saves us time when running the assay.’
Karen Vanhoorelbeke, PharmAbs, KULEUVEN.

Why you should choose the White FOx instrument

  • Ease of use of a dip-in sensor
  • Precision and speed of SPR
  • No fluidics: no clogging, no cleaning
  • Sensitive:
    • µM to nM label-free
    • pM to fM detection on fast ultra-sensitive gold nanoparticle sandwich assays
  • Multiple targets with one device: proteins, antibodies, nanobodies, complex particles, microvesicles, etc.
  • Highly robust and versatile
  • Fast time-to-result
  • Reduced hands-on time
  • Cost-effective compared to competing biosensor technologies

The main features of the White FOx

  • Based on the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensing principle
  • Interchangeable probes for easy protocol switching
  • Compatible with PCR microtiter plates and low volume PCR strips
  • Four parallel sensing probes for speed
  • Volume required as low as 140 µL
  • Temperature control: ambient to 40°C
  • User-friendly software compatible with Windows 10
  • Open data format
  • CE marked

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