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White paper: WP10 Kinetic analysis of VHH and antibodies with WHITE FOx

By April 23, 2024May 14th, 2024No Comments

White paper 10 | Version 1 | Tobias Zbik, Sarah Parmentier, Kris Ver Donck


The landscape of antibody research continuously evolves, with novel antibody variants such as VHH, antibody-drug conjugates, and bivalent antibodies emerging with huge potential in drug development. This white paper explores the kinetic analysis of VHH and a human bivalent antibody using FO-SPR technology. We showcase how the remarkable sensitivity of the SPR dip-in method enables the measurement of high-affinity kinetics, even for low molecular weight antibodies like VHH. Furthermore, real-time measurements and flexibility in assay design provide a means to address challenging experimental designs, particularly relevant for studying bivalent antibodies.