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When developing both diagnostic methods and therapies, understanding complex protein interactions, especially those of antibodies, is crucial.

WHITE FOx is a simple-to-use characterization tool and requires minimal sample preparation which, combined with a fast response time and automation, makes it a flexible and reliable solution for life science research and bioprocess monitoring.

With this simple, dip-in process, you can rank affinities of proteins, antibodies, antigens, single domain antibodies, bi- or multispecific antibodies, biomarkers, receptors and ligands, and measure bioreceptor-target binding kinetics, affinity (kD) and on & off rates (Kon, Koff), all label free.

Case study: Kinetic analysis of novel antibody variants

Antibody research is continuously evolving, through the development of novel variants such as VHH, antibody-drug conjugates, and bivalent antibodies. Characterizing these new types of molecules requires innovative methods.

WHITE FOx provides a flexible dip-in SPR method to measure high-affinity binding kinetics, also for smaller proteins like VHH.

Kinetic analysis of anti-rabbit VHH binding to rabbit IgG. FO-SPR provides association and dissociation curves which can be used to obtain kon and koff.

Kinetic profile of a high affinity clone selected from biopanning against eGFP. This clone had a kD of 1.2×10-14 M on WHITE FOx while it was missed due to scoring low on the end-point method ELISA.

Kinetic analysis in phage display workflow

Phage display with biopanning is often used to select single domain antibodies and other proteins specifically binding to a target antigen. Being able to both monitor polyclonal biopanning cycles, as well as characterize binding kinetics directly on the monoclonal phage in crude samples, greatly simplifies the process of selecting the best clones.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.