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Label-free kinetic affinity data, whole blood analysis, sandwich assays – all from one flexible benchtop instrument!

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FOx BIOSYSTEMS aims to revolutionize the life science industry and research market using its innovative fiber-optic-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor technology.

The White FOx instrument combines the performance and speed of SPR with the ease of use of a dip-in sensor

No clogging, no cleaning
Process crude samples

Surface Plasmon Resonance

FOx BIOSYSTEMS uses the well-established surface plasmon resonance technology for biomolecular interaction analysis but gives it a twist with dip-in fiber optics.

FOx BIOSYSTEMS capabilities of fiber optic SPR icon

FO-SPR capabilities

• Label-free concentration
• Label-free kinetic data
• Labelled sandwich assays
• Crude matrix and whole blood sample analysis

FOx BIOSYSTEMS applications of fiber-optic SPR icon

FO-SPR applications

• Antibodies & proteins
• Crude sample analysis
• Large particles
• Biologics development
• Kinetic affinity characterization
• Fast sandwich assays
• And more!

FOx BIOSYSTEMS advantages of fiber-optic SPR icon

FO-SPR advantages

• Easy-to-use dip-in sensor
• High performance of SPR
• No sample prep
• Fast
• Flexible protocols
• Fluidics free: no clogging or cleaning

White FOx FO-SPR instrument

The White FOx fiber-optic biosensor instrument brings maximum flexibility, control and insight to your diagnostic development, life science and (bio)pharmaceutical research.

A fiber-optic upgrade to a well-established bioanalytical approach provides the ease of use of a dip-in sensor without compromising on speed and accuracy.

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February 16-18, 2022 – MOSBRI scientific conference

The first MOSBRI conference will show how such an integrated network can tackle an unusually wide variety of life science research questions. It will include presentations from MOSBRI partners and Scientific Advisory Board members,…
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August 24, 2021 in Latest News

Gold nanoparticle enhanced multiplexed biosensing on a fiber optic surface plasmon resonance probe

A new study from the Biosensor Group at KU Leuven demonstrates that our White FOx instrument is capable of detecting pathological levels of autoimmune antibodies, in buffer and plasma. This research…
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