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FOx BIOSYSTEMS receives €2.5 million EIC grant to accelerate the market introduction of unique EV analysis and isolation application.

By December 20, 2022No Comments

Diepenbeek, Belgium, December 20th, 2022 – FOx BIOSYSTEMS is awarded an EIC accelerator grant for their ambitious project to bring to market a combined quantification and isolation application for extracellular vesicles (EVs) unlocking their great potential in diagnostic applications.

FOx BIOSYSTEMS markets a versatile device for the life science industry using fiber-optic sensor probes to measure interactions between biomolecular particles. The use of these unique sensor probes facilitates fluidics-free Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) analyses of large particles in complex samples such as lysates or whole blood, while completely eliminating the risk of clogging or cross-contamination.

Specifically, this technology allows, on a single device, the unbiased detection, quantification, characterization and isolation of exosomes or extracellular vesicles. This powerful and unique ability will greatly accelerate pre-clinical research and development of new diagnostic and treatment options in oncology, cardiology, and inflammation or neurodegenerative diseases.

The EIC grant will enable FOx BIOSYSTEMS to launch a collection of EV applications on their system to the market in 2024, three years sooner than previously planned. This will cover an array of application-specific sensors, protocols, and workflow support with immediate potential impact on ongoing and new research programs.

Thomas van Elzakker, CEO of FOx BIOSYSTEMS commented: “This grant is a clear validation of the urgent need for the benefits we offer to the fast-growing EV research market. It recognizes the unique potential value of our technology to obtain high-quality and unbiased research data in this field, removing the current bottlenecks scientists are struggling with. We believe this will accelerate general access to the potential of EVs for early and specific diagnosis of many diseases, leading to better therapies, reducing the healthcare burden, and ultimately saving patients lives.”


FOx BIOSYSTEMS is a Belgian company with a mission to revolutionize the life sciences and pharmacological research market with innovative real-time, label-free analysis products. The basis of their success is a novel fiber-optic-based SPR biosensor which enables users to generate high-quality, cost-effective biomolecular data fast, and over a wide range of applications.

Mr. Kris Ver Donck, VP Marketing & Applications