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CrossRoads invests in the cooperation between FOx BIOSYSTEMS and Unitron Group BV

By February 3, 2020November 17th, 2023No Comments

CrossRoads, part of the European program Interreg, stimulates cross-border cooperation between Flanders and the Netherlands. Companies with innovative and strong project ideas qualify for financial support. FOx BIOSYSTEMS handed in a project proposal, together with Unitron Group BV and Stimulus, two Dutch companies.

The first part of the project focuses on an upgraded version of the current White FOx. The purpose is to build a more robust device with higher throughput, and which can in addition be easily coupled to other existing tools (e.g., liquid handlers, test bioreactors, …). Next, we will develop generic tests, like the ‘host cell protein’ assay, which measures the fragment concentration of unwanted by-products during pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. This information is essential for antibody producers to determine the quality of a drug and to follow the efficiency of the production process. With the support of CrossRoads, we will be able to optimize the ‘time to result’, detection limit, specificity, reproducibility and storage conditions.

This €299 000 project, of which 45% is supported by CrossRoads, started in January of 2020.

For more information, visit Crossroads.