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Belgian King Philip visits Health House and FOx BIOSYSTEMS

By February 13, 2019June 27th, 2023No Comments

His Majesty the King visited Health House, located in Heverlee (Leuven), beginning of February 2019. Health House is an innovative experience center that shows visitors the future of healthcare. Visitors are invited to partake in an immersive journey with the help of high tech tools such as motion-controlled exhibits, 3D film and printing, virtual reality, a digital dissection table, and various other visualizations.

During the tour, the King discovered the center’s digital dissection table, one of only two in Belgium. The table allows users to “cut through” and peel off a 3D body from any angle, which, for example, allows students in anatomy lessons to clearly see how implants should work and where they are best positioned.

Health House also allows its visitors the chance to interact with new technologies from entrepreneurs. After a one-hour tour, the King met with various companies already active in the sector, including FOx BIOSYSTEMS.

In 2019, Health House will also expand its reach from tours and inspiring workshops for medical professionals to broader events dubbed “Public Thursdays.” Every third Thursday of the month, people will have the chance to visit Health House and uncover the newest advances in healthcare technology. The initiative is meant to make science communication all the more accessible.