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Sustainability At FOx BIOSYSTEMS

We develop and apply the latest technologies in order to provide best in class products while keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum in both our design and development, as well as in the way we operate as a company. We cherish our social responsibility to our staff and to the community.

Environmental footprint

To minimize the environmental footprint, our products are designed to have a low energy consumption both in idle status and when in operation. Using the latest LED and optical fiber technologies, the optical systems that are core to the instrument are highly energy efficient and consume as little energy as possible to provide optimal signal output. The instruments are designed to comply wtih WEEE and RoHS standards for minimal waste and responsible waste management. Instruments are set up for minimal sample volume usage. The (micro)fluidics-free design avoids waste from system solutions, washing and rinsing fluids.

Social responsibility and work environment

As employer we aim to provide our employees a stimulating, inclusive and diverse work environment. Our staff composition is highly diverse and international, reflecting the community we work in. We provide a safe and flexible work environment with the infrastructure in place to enable home office working whenever the nature of the work allows. We are building a training portfolio for employees to improve their skills and promote initiative and personal development opportunities.