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Junior Software Engineer

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FOx BIOSYSTEMS is a young Belgian company on a mission to revolutionize the life sciences and pharmacological research market with innovative real-time, label-free analysis products. The basis of our success is a novel fiber-optic-based surface plasmon resonance biosensor that enables our users to generate high-quality biomolecular data accurately, fast, cost-effectively, and in a wide area of applications.

We currently employ about 20 people in our offices in Diepenbeek and Ghent, Belgium as well as throughout Europe. We will be expanding rapidly over the next months and we are looking for ambitious professionals to join our team.

We are now looking for a junior software engineer.

Job Description

The junior software engineer is a member of the system team reporting directly to the CTO. In your role, you will oversee the day-to-day software operations alongside the other system team members. The junior software engineer will ensure that software product development, and software issue handling for customer services are efficiently organized and well interfaced with suppliers, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


The junior software engineer will be an important driving force in supporting design and development software projects on the technical design, optimization and verification, including improvements and maintenance to existing versions, and support operations.

  • You will manage suppliers to ensure proper understanding and maintenance of requirements and deliverables and follow the cycle of procurement processes for service requisition where required.
  • You will provide functional and technical expertise during troubleshooting and corrective actions after internal and external software failure events, help to establish root cause and the best solution to restore normal operation.
  • As an R&D responsible you will maintain and document the relevant enabling processes and tools. Ensure compliance, completeness, and correctness with DHF technical documents requirements.
  • Support internal ICT.
  • You will work closely together with the external software partner and take ownership of the preparation of test protocols, analysis, technical reports, and project summaries. You will implement appropriate analytical techniques and procedures in software development.
  • You will prepare progress reports for the CTO and communicate any deviations from the design and procedures in a timely and effective manner, as well as unexpected results or events that may affect project timelines.
  • You will contribute to new product introduction throughout the design transfer process.
  • You will follow internal QMS, including all appropriate standard operating procedures, work instructions and training.
  • You will prioritize and execute tasks with available resources.
  • You will perform other responsibilities to support the needs of the company as assigned.

Education and work experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or another relevant field.
  • Proven skills in the software development process and in-depth knowledge of software development methodologies and software verification procedures.
  • Strong experience in testing and analyzing software.
  • Experience in working in an agile software development environment.
  • Knowledge of automated testing is a plus.
  • Preferably, you have a track record of testing and validating instrument-related software and data analysis products for commercial use.
  • Proven skills in troubleshooting, ICT management, issue handling, and solution implementation.
  • Experience with working in a GLP or ISO 9001 environment is desirable, and ISO 13485 is a big plus.
  • Your English, both written and verbal, is excellent.

FOx BIOSYSTEMS recruits on the basis of core values, leadership attributes, and proven expertise. The company believes in the equal importance of personality and ability to deliver.

Your profile:

  • A self-directing and resourceful problem solver with strong analytical skills and a solid technical ability.
  • Strong planning and organizational skills with excellent attention to detail.
  • Data-driven, detail-oriented, and using the applicable tools when making decisions.
  • Able to handle multiple responsibilities and tasks regularly.
  • Able to communicate clearly and concisely, with good presentation and report writing skills.
  • Calm and stress-resistant personality.
  • Flexible and able to handle ever-changing situations.
  • Results-oriented and resilient, demonstrating ownership and drive.

When you work for FOx BIOSYSTEMS, you have a customer-centric focus, also when the customer is your direct colleague. We are proactive and pragmatic. We look for colleagues with a proven track record so we can give them the independence and freedom to be successful in their line of work.

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